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dump him.

disclaimer: this post isn’t directed to anyone in my personal life — past, present or future.

i have seen enough women STAY. i have heard every reason under the sun as to why they should forgive, forget + use their pain as a stepping stone + building block to their dream relationship. i’m tired of this message! a woman deserves much more than to just endure. she should not receive the man of her dreams only after he has tossed her heart in the air + played jump rope w it.

i want to see some women LEAVE. i want to see women WALK away from what no longer serves them. i want to see you RISE + GROW from the dirt they left you in. normalize cutting them off the FIRST time they forget how to treat you.

to the women that have been hurt, disrespected + taken for granted, tell these women THE TRUTH. the TRUTH is, you wouldn’t wish that pain on your worst enemy. the TRUTH is yes, you made the best out of a situation, but that is not God’s BEST. if it worked out for you or you don’t plan on leaving, that’s fine, but at least do right by other women by telling them to DO BETTER.

i have subscribed to this message over + over again in the name of forgiveness, understanding + growth, + i will do that no longer.

peace does not live in pain.

love does not live in lies.

comfort does not live in confusion.

togetherness does not live in toxicity.

you don’t need a sign, you already know you need to DUMP HIM🧡

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1 Comment

Jasmine clopton
Jasmine clopton
Jul 17, 2022

DUMPED EM!! Now I’m becoming WILDER!!

Thank you God, you are so amazing for me seeing in my darkest state! Thank YOU!!

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